3-tier self defense

The 3-Tier Self Defense Decision describes your survival options in case of a violent assault. Nobody wants to be assaulted by deadly force. Nonetheless, it happens all too often. When it does, you’ll have just microseconds to make a potentially life-altering decision.

How prepared will you be when…

Out of Nowhere, You’re Attacked

A violent assault can come at any time, leaving you no time to think. When it does, you’ll have three snap decisions to make:

  • You can run (disengage)
  • You can comply (delayed disengagement)
  • Or you can fight (escalate)

Think of this as a 3-tier self-defense decision tree, with only 3 ways to dictate your next move.

Decision One: Disengage. Clearly, most of us would prefer to avoid the conflict altogether. And sometimes, that’s the wisest and also safest way to go. So let’s say you decide to run.

Will your assailant leave you that unlikely option? Is he that sloppy or inept? Are you physically able to run? Are loved ones with you that you simply cannot abandon?

Finally, can you actually run fast enough—faster than a bullet?

That’s your first decision.

Decision Two: Delayed Disengagement. Many people simply decide to comply. They turn over their money or valuables, but they walk away with their lives.

the 3-tier self-defense system describes your options.

Are you OK with that outcome should it happen to you one day? Are you willing to lay down and let an assailant walk all over you?

That’s your second decision.

Decision Three: Escalate. If your attacker confronts you with deadly force, you may find yourself with no time to run, no time to comply with his demands or to surrender your valuables.

He wants to hurt you. So you have to fight. especially if you have defenseless family or friends with you.

As you can see, the decision to escalate in the 3-tier self defense tree is serious, one that you should not make unless you’re ready for it, and by that I mean trained in defense weapons.

But How Well Trained Are You? Really?

How will you handle yourself in a serious altercation? If the attacker is armed with a blade or a fire arm, how does that affect your response? Assuming you also are armed, how fast can you draw your concealed weapon?

Once you draw your weapon, do you fire immediately? Where will you aim—upper center mass, thoracic cavity, eye/nose region?

Whatever you do, violent incidents like these can end in any number of ways, mostly bad. Are you ready for that?

Straight Talk.

If you have the slightest doubt that you cannot handle yourself well in an aggressive event, you’re like a lamb among wolves. Especially in today’s violent world.

Can we agree on that?

Before you’re forced to run through that scary decision tree of disengage, delayed disengagement or escalation, there’s another decision that comes first. The decision to prepare.

If you want to survive a violent incident, you need to dramatically upgrade your ability to protect yourself before such an event actually happens.

Honing your self-defense skills today, while you still can, is the single best decision you can make if you want to survive an armed attack.

You need to be ready for anything. Here’s how:

3-Tier Self Defense relies upon proficient gun handling

Upgrade your tactical training in empty-hand defense. Learn how to block blows and how to protect your vital areas (groin, throat, stomach and eyes). Learn how to aggressively take the attack to your assailant.

Don’t feel bad for him. If you’re unarmed, look for a weapon of opportunity such as a big stick or a rock. Take any advantage you can. Keep punching or striking until they choose to disengage.

If the aggressor is armed, learn the recommended tactical ways to react and practice them until you can do them automatically.

In a real event, you won’t have much time to think.

Practice drawing your concealed weapon until it becomes as natural to you as shaking hands.

Your 3-Tier Self Defense Decision.

Get trained now.

Visit your local shooting range and conduct your own tactical training drills: turn and shoots, multiple targets, reloads, short and long distances.

Be a regular. Familiarize yourself with your gun and make it an extension of yourself.

Shoot as many boxes of ammo as it takes to make you confident that you can put down any violent assailant aiming to mess up your day.

We’re talking survival here, and you need to be ready in the event you actually do have to make a 3-tier self defense decision. The perfect time to prepare is right now.

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