MAGA: let the revolution begin!

Is the MAGA campaign really the Second American Revolution? Let’s go back in history…

The first American Revolution was a wildly messy affair. It involved a ragtag collection of newly formed American colonies, citizen armies, sleazy spies, besieged cities, traitorous generals and an overbearing monarch named George.

Yet out of that mess arose a vigorous new nation, unparalleled citizen rights, a well-balanced democratic government, unlimited opportunity, and a soaring economy that would one day propel the country into undisputed global superpower status.


One day, things started going haywire.

It’s unclear exactly when, in the past few decades, America began to depart the values which set us apart as a nation. The emergence of socialism, progressivism and woke thinking among certain parties have taken us down paths our Founding Fathers could never have imagined.

Ronald Reagan blamed Jimmy Carter. Donald Trump blamed the Clintons, Obama and Biden. Just about everyone blames Congress and the Media.

Reagan once said: “In thinking about these questions, many Americans seem to be wondering, searching…feeling frustrated and perhaps even a little afraid.”

Why are people worried? Here’s the short list:

  • Russian genocide in the Ukraine—and the threat of U.S. involvement
  • An out-of-control Border Policy—reversing previously effective Trump policies
  • Energy policies that have fueled worst inflation in 40 years
  • Rising food costs and supply line shortages
  • Skyrocketing debt and rising taxes
  • Pervasive woke principles at government agencies
  • Weaponizing the FBI, DoD and IRS against political opponents
  • Reducing defense budgets despite rising tensions with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea
  • Anti-Life Initiatives that kill millions of Americans every year
  • Diminishing U.S. influence abroad
  • Inept handling of the COVID pandemic program

And remember, this is the short list. If that doesn’t make you depressed, nothing will.

But conservative Republican leaders like Trump and Reagan weren’t ready to sit back and let Washington mishandle their lives. They came up with a truly bright alternative: it’s called MAGA.

MAGA: The Vision of “Make America Great Again.”

Trump once claimed he “came up” with the MAGA slogan on his own. In reality, Reagan beat him to it by several decades.

Over the next few years, you’ll again see MAGA logos everywhere. Trump liberally (oops, bad word?) sprinkles “Make America Great Again” through all of his speeches.

What does that theme entail?

Trump’s MAGA campaign highlights esteemed American values like patriotism, optimism and opportunity. He wants a smaller government, a controlled border, lower taxes, energy independence, and a stronger military to enhance/restore America’s role as the sole superpower.

He wants to protect the right to own guns, the right to free speech, and the protection of life from natural inception to the grave.

As such, his campaign mirrors Reagan’s original 1980 MAGA campaign. The ultimate goal of both programs is releasing the nation from the excessive far left programs and regulations of a repressive Democrat administration.

That opens the way to, once again, enjoying the freedoms promised by the Founding Fathers.

Or as Reagan himself once said:

“I believe we can embark on a new age of reform in this country and an era of national renewal. An era that will reorder the relationship between citizen and government, that will make government again responsive to people, that will revitalize the values of family, work, and neighborhood and that will restore our private and independent social institutions.

These institutions always have served as both buffer and bridge between the individual and the state, and these institutions, not the government, are the real sources of our economic and social progress as a people.”

In the first American Revolution, colonists came together to fight the oppressions of the British. They were under-represented, over-taxed and voiceless in their daily lives. When the call was sent out to rise up, people of all walks of life rose up and manned the ramparts.

Today, oppression once again is being forced upon the nation. Times are as tough economically as they were back in the 1930’s. Inflation runs rampant. There are winds of war in Europe. Our boarders are with millions of illegals.

And Biden, when not dozing off, spends his time at the office worrying about leftist initiatives like climate control, critical race theory and wealth distribution.

All this while a potential World War III simmers in the background.

It’s Revolution Time Again, Folks.

Much like in colonial days, the call for change needs to go out: a call for a Second American Revolution that will wrest control from the hands of woke extremists and back to average Americans.

We need to recapture the greatness of America. We need to unleash the unquenchable thirst for freedom that so inspired our forebears.

We need to organize resources, raise funds, knock on doors and get involved as never before. In the upcoming mid-terms and in the 2024 election, we need to create a patriotic Red Wave so powerful that no amount of ballot manipulation will ever again overthrow the vote of the people.

All of us—together—need to act.

It’s time for the revolution. It’s time to Make America Great Again.

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