So you splashed some CLP juice on your gun parts and you think you’re good, right? I mean, you’ve cleaned them, lubricated them and protected them (CLP). What can go wrong?

Unfortunately, a whole lot.

What you gain in convenience by using a single gun care product instead of 3 (to clean, lube and protect) can come back to bite you.

Here’s what you will learn in this article:

If you’ve spent any military time in the desert or jungle, you no doubt have a tale or two to tell about the consequences of government-issued CLP. And we all know hunters who had the perfect target in their sights and…nothing. The weapon wouldn’t fire.

What’s wrong with CLP is its very concept—combining 3 different functions in a single product. The chemistry actually works against itself. And your guns are paying the price.


Here are the top 4 ways CLP lubes can mess up your guns:

1. The “C” Cannibalizes the “L” and “P”—And That’s A Problem

Admittedly, formulations that deliver all 3 CLP lubricant functions can do a decent job cleaning parts.

When you apply it to your parts, they certainly look clean, right?

But here’s the problem: like the Energizer bunny, the cleaning action just keeps going and going. Soon the cleaning chemicals are destroying the lube and protection chemicals.

In non-combined formulations, the cleaning chemicals are applied separately from the lube and protection chemicals. Not so with CLP. You often end up with clean parts, but zero lube or protection.

If you’ve ever used a CLP lubricant, you’ve probably noticed that the action is louder. There’s a distinct metal-on-metal sound. Here’s why: The parts are clean, but not slick. The movements are grinding up against each other.

Added to that, the metal parts have no protection against the elements. Suddenly, rust rears its ugly head and you can’t figure out where it came from.

2. CLP Lubes Don’t Prevent Jams; They Actually Cause Them.

If you’re using only CLP lubes for maintenance, you could soon begin to experience that most frustrating part of gun ownership: jams. You see, if you’re using CLP, it does clean you gun, but it does nothing to lubricate. Jams become more likely and more frequent.

So if you’ve been feeling good about the convenience of CLP in doing its job, don’t get too comfortable.

When metal is kissing metal, something’s got to give eventually. The technical name for that is “jam.”

cleaning ar15

3. CLP Lubes Are Debris Magnets.

The oily lube in CLP formulations are notorious for attracting debris. Soldiers and hunters have known this for generations. Sand, dirt and grit cling to the oil and clog up the works. Your firearm fails and the only solution is a complete cleaning.

But if you’re using CLP, expect to be cleaning again, soon and often.

Is there a better alternative to CLP? Check out Spartan Tactical Grease (STG-2), our proprietary synthetic blend that removes dirt particles and helps prevent jams. Gun owners from all over the world are raving at how STG-2 has eliminated their problems with dirt and debris.

Imagine knowing that your gun lube would no longer attract all those little particles that clog the action. That’s exactly how STG-2 owners feel. If you hate jams, you’ll love STG-2.

4. CLP Lubes Shorten the Life of Gun Parts.

If CLP products are leaving your gun parts vulnerable to dust, dirt and rust, then the lifespan of your weapon is potentially limited. That’s not something you want to hear after plopping down lots of money for your gun or rifle, is it?

It not only hits you in the pocket now, but down the road should you want to sell you weapon.

All too often, gun owners feel they’re taking good care of their guns because they use CLP lubes to clean and protect them, not understanding that very little protection comes with each application.

These are the same owners who are shocked when their guns fail to fire, when parts lock, and when rust begins to creep out from hidden parts of the mechanism.

Mind you, these are not those owners whose weapons perform perfectly, with silky smooth operation every time…and gun values that remain steady or actually increase over time. These are owners who do NOT use CLP products.

Do they know something that you didn’t know (until you read this article)?

Bottom Line: Is The Convenience of CLP Worth the Cost?

Remember that old saying: “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

If you value your guns, don’t take shortcuts that could yield costly results down the road. As a responsible gun owner, you’ve already invested in gun safety courses (if not, you should!). So apply that same level of care to your gun collection.

Take the time to clean your weapons right. Avoid aggressive cleaning chemicals that can neutralize lube and protection functions. Check out a world-class lube product like Spartan Tactical Grease for an affordable, effective way to protect your gun investment.

When you take care of your guns, they take care of you.

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